Activator, a hog roast and Redband coffee

Redband Coffee Company (photo from

Redband Coffee Company (photo from

This weekend was quite busy. I had a lot of things to attend, but being the beginning of the trimester, it usually is busier with events.

The elective I am taking this trimester started last weekend, so I was in class from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. learning all I could about the Activator technique. I have no real experience with Activator Methods, so it was all new to me and very interesting. We had a lot of hands-on in the course since Activator does a lot of pressure checking and stress checking. This is just the basic course. There are two other courses that get more in-depth, but those aren’t offered on campus.

Even though it was a short week, it seemed really long having just gotten back from break and trying to get into the swing of things (then having class all day on Saturday and Sunday). I made it through class, and I learned a lot, so we celebrated Saturday night at the Delta Delta Pi annual hog roast.

Every year DDPi puts on a hog roast for all students during the summer trimester to welcome everyone back to classes. I’ve been to two now, and both have been a lot of fun. This one was special in particular because we had a lot to celebrate that night. It was my friend’s birthday, another friend had just competed in Talk the Tic, we were starting another trimester, and another friend was back in town.

They had a lot of really great food and later in the night there was a special performance by Axis and Atlas. Axis and Atlas are a band that a couple 6th trimester students put together not that long ago, and they make special appearances at various events on campus. This is the second time I have seen them play. They have also performed at Homecoming. That was a lot of fun. They did a great job. Everyone was really into the music, dancing and having a good time.

Redband breakfast sandwich (photo from

Redband breakfast sandwich (photo from

Sunday it was back to the classroom at 8 a.m. to jump right back into Activator Methods. My friend and I had to take a short break and get some breakfast, so we grabbed a breakfast sandwich from the Redband Coffee Company downtown. Let me tell you, that sandwich was delicious. If you haven’t had one of those yet, you better get down there ASAP and try their breakfast sandwiches.

After we had breakfast, we were full force ready to jump back in and start learning again, at least for a short while. We finished up learning the rest of the basic protocal and practiced the rest of the afternoon. We forfeited our lunch break to get out of class at about 1 p.m., and I went home and napped for a real long time. Once I was able to get out of bed, I went to hot yoga, got my butt kicked, came home and had to start studying.

Although it was busy, it was a great weekend! The next couple of months are going to be just as busy with a lot of fun things going on. It’s a great time to be in Davenport, Iowa!


Who’s Spizzed up?

Spine prize

Spine prize

PSAF put on their trimesterly event last Friday, Spizz Night. Spizz stands for Spizzerinctum, a word B.J. Palmer made popular to mean enthusiasm or excitement about chiropractic. Usually the event includes two speakers from out in the field to tell the students about their philosophy and things they have come across in practice and get us all fired up as the trimester starts.

This Spizz Night had the same idea, but the first round of speakers were part of our own student body who are competing in the Talk the Tic competition. We had three finalists in this round and all did an amazing job. The winner gets sent to Life College in Atlanta to compete for the Talk the Tic title. This year we sent our very own Jenny Lane. I wish her great luck in Atlanta. I know she will represent Palmer well. We also had a doctor from out in the field come and talk with us. He is the father of another student here at Palmer. It was also a very great talk.

Earlier in the event there was a vendor fair. There were several groups on campus talking to students about their clubs. There were also booths set up for the undergraduate studies, Advocare and Standard Process. PSAF also provided everyone with dinner … a delicious taco bar.

There was a pretty good turn out this trimester for the event, and I had a very good time, despite not winning anything (prize give-aways). I don’t think I’ve won anything anytime I’ve gone to Spizz Night. That doesn’t stop me, though, because I always enjoy being there and always seem to get something out of the great speakers they bring in. I did have two friends that won prizes. One won $50 cash and the other won a goodie bag from Standard Process, equipped with a back massager, a cold/hot pack and some vitamins. They also had prizes of gift cards and various other items, and every year they raffle off a spine for one of the first trimester students.

More soon,


Back to school!

The first day back to school. It’s usually the most laid back day but can also be pretty stressful because everything is put into perspective on what you will have to get done in the next four months. And it looks like I will be having a lot to get done.

This trimester is full of a lot of fun and not so fun things. We have the regular trimesterly Spizz Night, where my friend will be giving her Talk the Tic speech again. The elective I’m taking starts this weekend. We have Homecoming in about a month, which is always a lot of fun. And then there’s board review, our clinic induction ceremony, then, of course, National Boards.

It’s a lot to come back to after the summer break. I had a wonderful time, and I got a lot done for my wedding, I went on a couple of vacations and got to see the new addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Fla. Which means I’m still tired from my vacation, and, looking back, I probably should have done a little more resting.

So I have already been through half a day of classes, and I’m already ready for a nap. Only four more classes to go! Which means I get to hear variations of the same syllabus four more times! Thats just fine,though I’m not sure I could handle jumping into actual school work right now. Trying to ease into the trimester over here. In our 7:30 a.m. class, Differential Diagnosis, we did an in-class activity worksheet recalling all the things we learned last trimester. It was exhausting, and I’m not sure I was fully awake. I forgot what 7:30 felt like.

- Allisha

A look back on finals week – bring on the Laffy Taffy

Banana Laffy Taffy

Banana Laffy Taffy

(written during finals week) Yesterday was the second day of finals, and Student Council gave us a free breakfast for dinner! I remember writing about this last trimester, and I was almost to the end of the line and my friends pulled me out of the line to go get food somewhere else.

Well, this trimester I got free breakfast, and it was delicious. I had eggs with peppers and onions, bacon, a pancake, fruit and a cinnamon roll. The line wasn’t nearly as long this trimester, and not as many people showed up. I think because they remembered the long line last tri and weren’t sure they were up to waiting.  Those people missed out. They had a better system this trim and it seemed to work out pretty good.

I am appreciative of the free meals we get. It beats eating quesadillas all week, which is where I am at right now. We got goody bags on Friday. (I made sure mine had a banana Laffy Taffy in it.) Those treats were mostly gone by Friday afternoon … except the Milky Way. I saved that for breakfast yesterday.

The end of the tri gets rough. You don’t want to grocery shop because you’re most likely not sticking around the Quad Cities over break, so you kinda just eat anything that’s in your apartment, even if its been hanging around for longer than it should.

Finals are half-way done! I have three more to go and couldn’t be more ready.

So much to look forward to this break and the coming up trimester.

- Allisha

Allisha’s blog posts will return in July after the break ends.

My first side posture adjustment

Side posture adjustment

Side posture adjustment (this is Palmer grad Dr. Christine Gonos-Boyd from her site

Yesterday was another find-and-fix-it day in my thoraco-lumbar class. We were able to adjust using any technique we were taught, but I wanted to get some practice with side posture since I hadn’t had any yet and it’s one of the more difficult techniques.

Luckily enough my patient had a lumbar listing at L4, so I was ready to give a shot. Turns out I need a lot of practice with side posture. It doesn’t look easy, and it’s really not that easy. I tried both a push and a pull move and wasn’t very good at either. I was struggling to figure out the mechanics of the thrust with the pull move, and by the time I went to try the push, I was a little frustrated and felt a little defeated. I didn’t feel like I had much luck with the push either, but I had some good thrusts so we did some post checks on my patient and she had better range of motion. Plus, the nervoscope showed there had been some change, and her body was adapting. So all the of checks said I had made some change. Sadly it doesn’t feel as satisfying if you don’t get the cavitation and if you know you have crappy form.

I know I’ll get better, and I really shouldn’t have expected to have it figured out on the first try, but you also have to accept that things don’t always go the way you planned. I’m excited to get more practice. I’m happy I now know what I should focus on. and I appreciate the help and advice I was given to be more successful. Not that I wasn’t successful. My patient did show adaptation, and for that I am happy.

Keep on trying and don’t give up! You can’t get better if you don’t keep trying.


Trying out hot yoga

Yoga pose

Yeah, that’s totally not me in the picture

I was persuaded into trying hot yoga for the first time last night. I have done regular yoga before, actually, at the OP3 Dance-A-Thon the majority of clubs on campus put on a while back to raise money to build a playground for a local program called Project Renewal that helps out children in the community. So I had tried yoga at the Dance-A-Thon at like 1:00 in the morning and had decided it just wasn’t for me.

A couple of my friends (Hannah and Linda–side note: Linda has been asking me to write about her in this blog for weeks now. This is my shout out to Linda! Thanks for inviting me, guys, you’re great!) had been inviting me to go to hot yoga (yoga at very high temperatures), and I had been really hesitant because I wasn’t sure how I felt about yoga in general. I love heat, so I was sold there. It was the idea of yoga I was hesitant on.

Well, I decided I might as well try it. It’s hard to say no when the first class is free. We went to One Tree Hot Yoga on 53rd Street, and I really enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I went out and got a yoga mat today so I can keep going and I’m really excited to go again. On Saturdays they do yoga in the park at Vander Veer Park, which is probably a 10-15 walk from my apartment. So this Saturday I’m going to walk up and see if maybe I like yoga in the park.

Anyway it was a really great experience, and I’m super happy I decided to do it. I feel pumped and ready for finals. Well, maybe I should go one more time before finals just to be completely sure. Honestly, though, I felt great afterwords. This is so awesome if you’re stressed out and you just feel like you’re at your breaking point. Try it, first class is free. You can’t say no. Get out and get active, get ready for finals and destress for an hour!


Summer is almost here!

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Harry Potter Diagon Alley

Last weekend was the final weekend for my soft tissue elective. We focused on learning Graston soft tissue technique. It’s working the soft tissue with the help of an instrument. There are six really cool instruments you use to work the soft tissue around the area looking for adhesions or tight muscles and working those things out.

It was a really great seminar, and we had a lot of fun. I’m excited to have that asset under my belt, and I’m really excited to be able to start doing it in the clinic. Eventually, I’m going to invest in a set of my own tools. Sunday after class I took a small break and went to my friend’s pool and got a lovely sunburn, so the last couple of days have been a little rough.

Today I took my last practical of the trimester! This means I’m one step closer to finals and summer! This summer, along with doing a few days of job shadowing in an office, I am heading to Florida to see the expansion of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! I am ready for a vacation, some rest and relaxation before starting clinic and being extremely busy! I will also be scrambling to get stuff done for my wedding, including dress shopping! So maybe I won’t be doing a lot of relaxing.  The rest of the week consists of studying.

Thursday is our study day, so no classes just lots and lots of studying. Friday kicks off finals, which also means goody bags and treats! The best part of finals!


Students ‘Talk the TIC’

This video features James Palmer III, who is one of the three finalists heading to the next round.

(written 5/28) We just finished up with “Talk the TIC”–a competition where students present on communicating what chiropractic is and what it does. Basically, it’s your health talk and how you share the benefits of chiropractic with patients and others.

All of the speakers did a wonderful job. We had one student from first trimester, two from second trimester, one from fourth, four from fifth, and one from eighth trimester. So we had a good variety with a lot of perspectives and from all stages of the program.

Everyone had really great messages to bring to the table. Everyone had good points and things to consider when educating patients. There was a great response from the Palmer students, too. The Student Union was full, and people were even sitting on the floor. I think it brought some good philosophy and spizz to the group.

One of the speakers even brought B.J. Palmer along with her for support! (A cut-out, of course.) We had great demonstrations using safety pins, three legged stools and full spines.

Snacks were also provided. I had delicious cookie crackers and a granola bar. Which means we had free lunch and free snacks today, with a side spizz. That makes for a good day.

Now I mentioned in my last post that my friend was competing. She ended up having to give her talk first, and she did wonderfully. I am very proud of her. All the contestants did a very good job, and I am proud of all of them.

So the next round happens at Spizz Night at the beginning of next trimester (July 11). Originally there were only supposed to be two people presenting at Spizz Night but we had a tie for second place tonight, so three people are going to Spizz.

The three finalist were Shaylyn Weber (6th tri), Jenny Lane (4th tri), and James Palmer III (8th tri). Come out to Spizz night and cheer these three on and see who we get to send to Georgia!


First side posture adjustment!

Yesterday was another exciting day! I got to adjust in pelvic again! We had just learned side posture, so I figured I would give that a go after my initial work up and determining that my patient was in fact subluxated.

Side posture is challenging, but I had the assisting doctor in our class walking me through it. On the first attempt, I had a good thrust but poor control over my patients thigh. On the second attempt, I had fixed my control but had a lousy thrust. On the third attempt, I was able to equal both out and my patient said she felt it move! I am hoping that’s the case and she isn’t just trying to be nice!

Nonetheless, it was really exciting and I’m happy I was able to have the opportunity to try out side posture in the classroom in a controlled situation with feed back before I got into clinic and had to try it on one of my patients–and literally have no idea what I’m suppose to be doing or what the adjustment even feels like when I am doing it.

As this week comes to and end and with next week being a short week before finals (and I know I’ve said it a million times), things are really coming into perspective for me. I have finished more trimesters than I have left. That’s crazy to think about. My time here has gone so fast and has been so incredible. I’ve learned so much and have done so much and there’s still so much to learn and so much to do.

This trimester seriously has been the quickest one yet, and it’s a terrifying thought if the next four are going to go that fast because I can’t help but think, “What do I do when I am done?” But I have confidence that I will be prepared when I walk out of those doors as a doctor for whatever comes my way.


Exams, TIC and Faculty Appreciation Day

(written 5/28/14) We had a long weekend last weekend it having been Memorial Day weekend. I spent the weekend doing a lot of napping and very little studying. I had all intentions of using our extra day for extra studying, but it ended up being incredibly hot in my apartment, so I decided sleeping most of the day was more appealing.

The majority of our testing is done, just a few more practicals and quizzes left, and then we set into finals. I will start studying for those sometime this week. Although with this week being a short week, I’m losing track of time more quickly and less studying gets done. Either way, it was nice to have a little bit of a break before I need to jump into the hectic week that we call finals.

Today was Faculty Appreciation Day, which means not only do we get to recognize the important people on this campus that make this program possible, we also got free food! It was awesome, and I ate way too much. On today’s menu we had chicken and burgers. Three different types of burgers turkey, beef and black bean. The turkey burger and chicken were delicious. We also got salad and a bag of chips, which were also just as equally as good.

Tonight is the “Talk the TIC” competition where students get up in front of the student body and give a 10-minute talk about chiropractic and health. The students that attend get to vote on a winner, then the finalists get to present at Spizz Night, and the winner at Spizz gets to go on to compete against other schools in Atlanta, Ga. I will not be competing, but I have a friend that is, so I will be there to cheer everyone on and come back to tell all of you about it. I believe there are nine students competing, and I know a few of them personally and think they will all do very well.

Only 2 weeks and one day until SUMMER!!!


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