Bix 7


Invitations to the party to watch the Bix from years past

The Bix 7 race is coming up this weekend, so we’re highlighting some of the items we have pertaining to Palmer and it’s relationship with the Bix.


Watching the race from the skywalk

Above you can see highly coveted invitations to the staff skywalk breakfast gathering that is held every year. They really got creative with some of these, including one with a mylar balloon in 1998!


Palmer also has an adjustment tent for Bix participants set up which you can see an example of below. 6

The Bix 7 is a race that was founded in the 70’s to commemorate the famous Jazz musician, Bix Beiderbecke, a Davenport native. Beiderbecke was born here in 1903 and so he was definitely around during the early days of Palmer and Chiropractic!


Palmer Bix participants






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