D.D.’s Bees!

d.d. copyIn honor of both Insect Week and Pollinator Week, we’re going to talk BEES. For those of you who did not know, our founder, D.D. Palmer was an avid bee keeper before he ventured on to discover Chiropractic. He also held several other professions including grocer, magnetic healer, and he even sold gold fish!


D.D. first started his apiary in 1870 with his brother in New Boston, Illinois under the name “Palmer Bros.”. If
you want to read the nitty-gritty details of it all, there is a book in the library you can check out called Chips from Sweet Home you should read. It has articles and notes from D.D. about his bee keeping like the cost of hives and how
much he sold his honey for.

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Some of the writings are his personal notes, some are things he sent in to bee keeping journals, and some are things that other people wrote in journals like the American Bee Journal, about the Palmer Bros. Apiary and what they thought about it.


They had 60 hives that produced about 3000 pounds of honey. They reported in 1871 to the American Bee Journal that their best hive produced 175 pounds of honey!

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To learn more about about D.D.’s bee keeping successes and failures, or other aspects of his pre-chiropractic life, come to the library and check out Chips from Sweet Home, Old Dad Chiro, and Chasing D.D.!



Advertisement Images from Chips from Sweet Home.

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