National Best Friend Day

Happy National Best Friend Day!
B.J. Palmer and Elbert Hubbard were close friends! They even adopted the same style of dress (loose fitting blouses, large flowing ties, and long hair)! One of the many other similarities between the two of them were that they were both businessmen, very interested in advertising, and of course writers. They each started their own printeries and wrote numerous books. We have a large collection of Elbert Hubbard’s books in the archives that are available for viewing.
Another similarity was that B.J. and Hubbard both supported the women’s cause, which was a hot topic in the early 1900’s. They both had “Votes for Women” painted largely to claim their stance. B.J on the Palmer smokestack, and Hubbard on the silo of a Roycroft barn. (See below)
Hubbard was also a craftsman and he established his Royscroft Printing and furniture business in East Aurora, New York. B.J. loved the Roycroft style, and even furnished rooms in his mansion with Royscroft style furniture and you can find it all over different areas on campus!
Come to the archives to see the Roycroft Chiropractic clock (one of only a few in the world) and a couple of other pieces of Roycroft furniture, or to learn more about B.J. and Elbert Hubbard!

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