Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor our veterans. Search for yearbooks by clicking the Digital Collection link on our homepage to learn more about the “The Glory of Carrying On” and the “Veterans Organization of the P.S.C.” which started early on in honor of those students that served in World War I.


We have some promotional pamphlets and articles in the

National Chiropractic JournalInternational Review of Chiropractic, and The Chiropractor which highlight the role chiropractic played during times of war.ladyvistory


We have a pamphlet published by the Minnesota Chiropractic Association which appeals to President FDR to establish a MEM1Chiropractic Corps in the U.S. Armed Forces, stating, “Army Needs Chiropractors.” In addition, we have a fascinating Homecoming Program from 1945 in patriotic colors, advertising the postponement of the celebrations due to World War II. Notice the section title “Victory!”


Come to the archives to see these items to find out more about chiropractic and veterans.









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