National Scrapbook Day – May 6th

In honor of National Scrapbook Day coming up, we’re highlighting one of the most wonderful donations we’ve ever received!

This is the scrapbook of student, E. Faye Cogswell, who attended the Universal Chiropractic College that was formed in 1910 by Dr. Joy M. Loban. Loban had been a part of the Philosophy Department at Palmer before starting the U.C.C. because he did not agree with B.J.’s curriculum.
Miss Cogswell’s scrapbook is an amazing look into the life of a U.C.C. student in 1917, and of the Davenport area in general. She included photos, business cards, sporting event tickets, etc. Although very fragile, it is available to view in the archives on the Davenport campus! Or, if you’re not on the Davenport campus, you can view it entirely online as part of our Digital Collection!


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