The Jail Issue

“After I went to jail, several parties phoned to my home and others called, offering to lend me money with which to pay my fine, thinking that I did not have it. I am not in this cell for lack of principal but for an abundance of principle.”

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of D.D. Palmer being released from prison in 1906 after paying a fine of $389.50.
D.D. was charged with practicing medicine without a license and
served 23 days in the Scott County Jail. This special jail issue of The Chiropractor summarizes his experience
and listing of all the various newspaper commentaries.

This is a great resource for anyone wishing to study D.D. Palmer’s life, the history of Chiropractic and the struggles of chiropractors early on in the profession.

You can view this journal entirely online in our Digital Collection by clicking here

If you would rather view it in person or learn more about Chiropractic and the fight for licensure, you can visit the Archives on the 1st floor of the library Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00!


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