NEW Database! Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy

We’ve added Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy, an incredible new resource to our databases!

“Gale Interactive: Human Anatomy is an innovative learning aid that allows students to examine virtual 3D dissections and immerse themselves in interactive research. These powerful tools can be used for in-classroom demonstrations and help with homework or research assignments. You can click through learning sessions, view relevant reference content related to the models, and search Gale content to find more information.”

You can use Gale Interactive to:

  • Delve deep into concepts with tools to zoom, rotate and explore models
  • Experience guided interactive simulation lessons aligned with course curriculum
  • View relevant reference content from Gale for further study and research
  • Utilize self-assessments to ensure concept comprehension
  • Access on your computer at any time through multiple web browsers


We also have 3D Anatomy for Chiropractic that is not new, but is another amazing interactive anatomy resource that is a “time saving digital resource for chiropractic practitioners, educators and students. Primal’s 3D Anatomy for Chiropractic Spine combines Primal’s unique 3D modeling of the spine and surrounding anatomy with a comprehensive clinical reference, image and movie library.  Enliven teaching, presentations and consultations using content taken directly from the program.  Therapy content  provides clinical context and includes an extensive range of topics covering examination, diagnosis, conditions and rehabilitation with over 250 supporting short video clips, illustrations, clinical slides and animations.”



Then there is eRadiology that has a wealth of information on radiology including images and videos, eBooks, and Rad Cases! It is the world’s most comprehensive radiology resource online. “You can use this platform to explore a wide array of clinical cases, search the latest books in the field, and much more. You’ll be able to find and focus on the critical data you need – faster, easier, and more efficiently than ever before. It also has:

  • More than 60,300 pages of Thieme e-book content
  • More than 121,200 images
  • Simultaneous search across Thieme’s journals and PubMed
  • Integrated search across books, images, and journals



Check them all out by clicking the links on our home page!

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