‘Twildo: The Abode for Natural Furniture and Natural People

twildo copyHave you ever heard of a place called ‘Twildo? It is described in an early 1920’s P.S.C. Annual Announcement publication as, “a rustic court at the vast institution which has made Davenport the “Chiropractic City”.”  It was located between the Administration building and the Classroom building where Friendship court is now.

It was essentially a student hangout and was considered a great place for new students to go to make friends. There was a soda fountain where you could buy ice cream, drinks and snacks. You could also stay and listen to music because there was a bandstand on one end where live bands played on a regular schedule. twildo7 copy twildo8 copy

The whole point of the place was to promote student bonding in a relaxed atmosphere. ‘Twildo was furnished in rustic split log furniture that was supposed to “carry out the effect of natural woods conditions and the rustic conveniences of a hunting lodge”. B.J. was a big fan of this style and you can see it in parts of the Palmer Family Residence as well.


You can view the P.S.C. Annual Announcements in the archives as well as other Palmer Publications! Also be sure to check out our Digital Collections online!




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