National Puppy Day!

In celebration of National Puppy Day, we wanted to to talk a little bit about St. Benedict, more often referred to as Big Ben, the Palmer’s beloved St. Bernard!

David Palmer talks about Big Ben in his book, The Palmers. Apparently, Big Ben had his run of the campus! He would wander in and out of classrooms, and the students loved him, and fed him treats and leftovers to he would follow them around quite a bit. He would even lie down in classes and appeared to be listening to the lecture, and as soon as the hour was up, he would get up, stretch and yawn just like the students and leave the room! David_Palmer_and_Big_Ben copy

One story you may have heard if you have been on a tour of the Palmer Family Residence, is that after Big Ben had passed away, B.J. had him stuffed to look like he was taking a nap, and placed under the piano as that was his favorite spot to sleep. One night when the lovely Grace Lohmiller, a very well known artist of Davenport and vocalist for the WOC radio program, was singing a hymn, and in the middle of the song, she suddenly realized that Big Ben was not alive, she screamed “MY GOD, HE’S DEAD!” They were all so shocked about the outburst, that they couldn’t think up an excuse, and let the radio go dead. There were over 3 million listeners to the WOC radio program, and in response to her scream, B.J. received tons and tons of letter asking about it, which B.J. put into massive books that you can see on the Palmer Family Residence tour! The one good thing that came of the whole ordeal, is that they were able to find out how far and wide their radio station could reach! They had letters from as far as Europe writing in!

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