The Green Book Corner

The Palmer Special Collections & Archives department were very, very excited to launch their newest project, The Green Book Corner, officially this week!

The Green Book Corner is a unique study area on the 3rd floor of the library on the Davenport campus that was designed with B.J. Palmer’s eclectic style in mind to house our numerous green books and to celebrate the history of Palmer and Chiropractic as a profession. We added many little details similar to things you would find in the Palmer Family Residence (If you haven’t toured that yet, you HAVE to go ASAP). The GBC might seem really B.J.-centric, but he did write most of the Green Books!

B.J. Palmer and his family traveled the world and something that was customary in that time was to bring back treasures from the places you’ve been. Since they were avid travelers, they had many, many treasures to bring back home with them and the archives were inspired by that to turn a small corner of the 3rd floor library into a mini room that would fit the Palmer’s style.

There was a lot of work and thought put into finding the pieces for the GBC and making sure to get the balance of the Palmer’s different interests just right. We have anything from a heavy metal dragon bell and other items with an Asian style, to a small bust of Abraham Lincoln, as B.J. was a big fan of his. Although not all of the Green Book authors could be featured, we did our best to represent a good percentage of them as you can see on the wall photos and on the shelves as well. Another piece with some significance is the radio on the book shelf to the right. As some of you might know, B.J. was a radio fanatic! You can read more about the WOC Radio station and it’s history in our WOC libguide. We also added a small table with a chess board integrated in the design because the Palmers collected several incredibly beautiful and intricate chess sets that are display in the mansion and we welcome you all to play a game of chess in the Green Book Corner with the chess set that is in a wooden box on the lower shelf of the coffee table!


We genuinely hope you will stop by to visit and enjoy studying or reading green books on our incredibly comfortable furniture, playing a game of chess, and please do let us know what you think!!


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