Digitization Update

We’ve got a few new things that have been added to our Digital Collection that we’re excited to tell you about!



Most notably we’ve added our very own Mabel Palmer’s Stepping Stones. Stepping Stones is a very readable and personable collection of stories about her family’s travels around the world. It is to Mable Palmer as ‘Round the World is to B.J. Palmer. It also comes highly recommended by one of our fantastic student workers, Jennifer. You can click the cover to go to the searchable online flipbook to read all about their traveling from Mabel’s perspective!


Another item that’s been recently added is another PSC Announcement from 1908. We also already have the 1904/05 version in the collection. These catalogs include things like the classes the students took at the time, faculty members, and photos of the campus at the time! They’re really fascinating little pieces of our history! You can click the covers to view those as well. 


Another little book we’re happy to announce is part of our collection is Triangle of Health. A fairly popular book that’s been requested several times from our researchers is now available to view at your leisure from our website. It’s written by Alma C. Arnold and it was published in 1918. In the foreword she writes that the book was inspired by the sudden accidental death of a dear friend of hers, and that it was his wish that she wrote a book about her teachings and she dedicates the book to “the seeker of Health and Happiness”.  It is definitely worth a look!


One last item to announce as part of our Digital Collection is a small book about Chiropractic titled Dis-ease The Cause and Cure by L.W. Rutherford. It’s only 30 pages and it was published in 1946.







Please feel free to comment with suggestions of what you would like to see as part of the Digital Collection! You can also visit our Facebook to see more Digitization updates and other content!


If you want to check out our Digital Collection you can visit the homepage here. If you’re on campus you can also visit the archives in person Monday -Friday 8:30am-5:00pm.





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