B.J. & Mabel: A Love Story

B.J. and Mabel met in 1903 at Augustana College where Mabel was a student. She sang in the choir, and B.J. was an apprentice organist. They had a year-long courtship and were married April 30, 1904 at Mabel’s parents home. They spent their honeymoon traveling as they both loved to do, and explored what is now Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky! You can see their 2nd visit to these caves. (Right.) 

They had a lot of love and respect for each other. B.J. often referred to Mabel as his better 7/8ths. We have a collection of letters and other correspondences between the two of them from the trips they had to take apart, and B.J. lovingly addresses and signs them from, “Hon”.

You can view some of these in our 3rd floor display case on the Davenport campus library as well as some valentines that were sent to the Palmers. Be sure to pick up a valentine of your own from the tray on top of the case!

Happy Valentines Day!


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