pg-40-copyDid you know Palmer used to have an auditorium/rooftop garden? It was called Up-E-Nuf and it was located on top of the Administration building and was put in place sometime around the 1920’s. It was home to the WOC radio station and the antenna system which was at one point, the highest point in the “Tri-Cities” as it used to be called. The Public Address system that B.J. used to communicate announcement with any given class, group of classes, or all of them at once also called UP-E-Nuf home. Palmer was the first educational institution in the world to install the system and they were very proud of it and it’s progressiveness.

You can see the the mic for the announcement system to the left. You might also notice the rustic style furniture, similar to that in”Twildo” and B.J. Palmer’s “rustic room” in the mansion, was carried through to Up-E-Nuf as well! up-e-nuf2


Up-E-Nuf was also used an an auditorium for the students. As you can see to the right, there are many, many rows of chairs lined up in front of the band-shell structure.

You can see the “Music Studio” and “Radio Room” close ups that were located in the far corner opposite of the band-shell. More of that rustic style was in place on the outside as well. B.j. loved his tree furniture!


You can read more about WOC in this blog post here, or in the archives!

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