Cooking With Palmer

book1A recent addition to the Special Services collection is a cookbook – The Palmer Palate : Adjusting Your Appetite (Kearney, NE : Morris Press, ©2001. Call number TX715 .P31 2001) There are 138 pages of recipes contributed by the alumni, faculty, staff, students and retirees of the Palmer Chiropractic University System, as well as eight recipes from the Palmer Mansion.

Many of the recipes I’ve seen before in various local cookbooks, but the Palmer Mansion recipes intrigued me – you could make a pretty good lunch using these recipes. It would start with a casserole or a pot of homemade soup using Reverend Hoover’s Noodles (p.33), accompanied by Real Delicious Rolls (p. 84). Other bread recipes are Amana Bread (p. 73) and Lemon Bread (p. 78). Then, for dessert, a pie made with Apple Cream Pie Filling (p. 84), or other sweets such as The Great Oatmeal Bars (p. 112), Honey Fruit Cookies (p. 122), or Margaret’s Candy (p. 123). These are recipes for foods that the Palmers may actually have eaten while living in the mansion. And, the cover design is quite whimsical – the Palmer busts topped with chef hats.

book2Another cookbook I found in Special Services is titled Aunt Jane’s Cook Book (Davenport, Iowa : Palmer School of Chiropractic, ©1928. Call number TX715 .W63 1928). This cookbook was “compiled from the Favorite Recipes of the Members of the Woman’s Exchange Club of WOC [Radio Station]”. This is one of those old cookbooks that I love to look at – it included sample menus, ads from 1928 for things like stoves, baking powder, shoes, etc., and household recipes for salves and fly repellent, as well as instructions on how to keep house, how to set the table, etc. There is a diet plan for GAINING weight. I don’t know who Aunt Jane is, but since this was associated with WOC Radio, the Palmers may have used some of the recipes (and advice) in this book.


Two other cookbooks with ties to Palmer were put out by the Palmer Chapter of the WAICA (Women’s Auxiliary of the International Chiropractic Association, call numbers TX715 .P35 1970Z and  TX715 .P35 1974), one in 1970 and one in 1974. The 1970 edition is a small, 57 page booklet, very plain, containing type-written recipes with no contributor names. The 1974 edition contains 100 pages of recipes, with contributor names from across the country (and sometimes outside the US), so this may possibly be a national effort distributed by local chapters.

book4The most recent cookbook in Special Services with ties to Palmer is titled Your Palmer Family Cookbook (Port Orange, FL : David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library Florida, ©2010, call number
TX715 .Y68 2010). This cookbook was edited by Kerry Dunham at the Florida library, and contains recipes contributed by staff, faculty and administration people from all three campuses of Palmer College of Chiropractic.

Bon appétit!


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