MeSH Searching in PubMed Made Easy

dynamedThe National Library of Medicine has rolled out a new tool for PubMed that can make subject heading searching much easier.  Rather than enter terms into the MeSH database to see if they are authorized subject headings, a hit-or-miss, and possibly time-consuming process, MeSH on Demand allows the user to paste up to 10,000 characters of text into a search box, and the program returns MeSH terms associated with the text entered.  Although these are machine-generated and not assigned through human review, it allows the user to search for pertinent subject headings in abstracts or grant summaries without needing to have prior knowledge of MeSH terms. Eventually MeSH on Demand will be linked through theMeSH Database on the PubMed home page.  For now you can access this tool through this URL:

— Karen

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