Reflections: one year anniversary as the Senior Director of Library Services!

Chabha_officeLooking back with a smile, here are my reflections on my first year at Palmer College of Chiropractic:

This has been an amazing year for me!

I joined the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library as the Senior Director of Library Services, on June 10, 2013. The overall objective for this first year has been redefine the role of the library to align with Palmer’s mission and vision, which is centered on students’ learning.

I am proud to be a part of an institution that is truly committed to education, to lifelong learning, to highest quality of chiropractic education, and to excellence in library services and resources. I am very interested in understanding students’ needs and how technology is changing information access and retrieval. I have a keen interest in designing physical and virtual spaces that create a collaborative “physical/virtual” learning environment that supports evidence informed chiropractic education and practice.

It has been a year of challenges and accomplishments, of new friends and colleagues, and of becoming part of a dedicated and distinguished learning community. This has been a busy and productive year to say the least, with much more to come.

2013-14: a great year to say the least. Some of this first year’s projects include:

  1. A five-year project planning was presented to the Executive Administrative Team and the Board of Trustees
  2. A name change of the Libraries to the “David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library” to mirror the one college, three branches model
  3. A renovation project at the FL & IA branches
  4. New positions were created: Branch Manager Librarian positions at the CA & FL branches
  5. Task Forces to promote collaboration and team work among library faculty and staff were created, as they work together on numerous projects: website redesign, subject guides, events, and many more 
  6. A new library website that enhances information organization and retrieval
  7. A complete assessment of the collection to maintain an up-to-date and relevant collection that serves school curricula
  8. Site Licensing our ejournal subscriptions
  9. Reformatting the Media collection from VHS to DVD
  10. A preservation campaign was initiated by improving the environmental condition of the Palmer Archives, by digitizing historical document, images, and yearbooks, and by building an Archival Management System to facilitate information organization, access, and retrieval

I thank both my staff and my administration for the support, which made all this possible. I am honored and humbled to have had this opportunity and look forward to my future years at Palmer.


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