Palmer’s Articulating Spine at Bix 7

Palmer College’s “Articulating Spine” has long been a crowdpleaser at the annual Bix 7 race. The course begins with a long, steep ascent up Brady Street, and the vertebral discs-with-legs pictured above are just at the top of the hill, which is also the heart of the Davenport campus.

The Bix 7 is a seven-mile race that began in 1975 with only 84 runners, including 3 female entries. Lucian Rosa of Sri Lanka won the inaugural men’s race in a time of 34:33.8; Kim Merritt of Wisconsin won the first women’s race in 41:04. Today the number of runners tallies nearly 20,000, and the overall course records have been lowered to 31:51.99 (men) and 35:24 (women). A history of each race is available online.

To see more of the Bix 7 in action, check out this Palmer video from the 2008 race. Palmer’s Articulating Spine is featured here (at 3:11), with a Vertebral Subluxation occurring here (at 4:02).

We wish all participants, including Palmer’s Spinal Column, the best during this year’s Bix 7, which will take place on Saturday, July 27, 2013.

Note: the top picture is from Bix 7 2002; the bottom picture is from Bix 7 1996.

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