The Official Disability Guidelines 2013

Published by the Work Loss Data Institute, the Official Disability Guidelines (ODG) database includes Treatment Guidelines, Return-to-Work Guidelines, and Impairment Guidelines, among other information, and provides “up to date evidence-based medical treatment and disability duration guidelines to improve as well as benchmark outcomes in workers’ comp and non-occupational disability.” The ODG database is accessible for each Palmer campus via the “Databases” section of the Library’s web site.

This resource is important to chiropractors because in late 2002, the Council on Chiropractic Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP) approached the Work Loss Data Institute about researching and authoring treatment guidelines for the chiropractic profession. Since 2006, new chiropractic guidelines have been incorporated in the updated documentation of the ODG.

Chiropractic is playing an increasingly important role in helping injured workers recover and return to productivity, and the costs of chiropractic are growing as a total percentage of workers’ compensation costs. To learn more about the ODG, check out “A DC Insider’s Guide to the Official Disability Guidelines” in Dynamic Chiropractic, which explains the resource and discusses why chiropractors should become familiar with it.     —Phyllis Harvey


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