Where Can I Charge My Electronic Device in the Library? You Asked, We Answered!

The library suggestion box and our feedback boards receive a myriad of suggestions. Most recently, we’ve heard your concerns about the lack of outlets in the library for charging cellphones, iPads, tablets, laptops, and other devices. While the campus was closed and most everyone was off enjoying their winter break, a crew of electricians descended upon the Davenport Campus to bring Palmer students a solution to this headache.

Now, every other row of cubicles on the second and third floors of the Library contains a row of electrical outlets for your charging needs!  Come to the library and check it out.

Special thanks to Palmer College’s Facilities Department for their hard work on this project.

A gentle reminder:  The David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library is not responsible for theft or damage of personal items. Abandoned items remaining in the library at close will remain locked inside the library until it reopens.

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