Newly Acquired: “A Story Without Words”

storywithoutwordsWe recently acquired a very large framed collection of images entitled, “A Story Without Words,” which has the following caption:

“These photographs tell their own story. We present this tale to you in this form, for mankind likes to see and figure for himself—you do likewise…”

Indeed, the photographs do tell a story! The photographs depict the school in the 1910s-1920s, and faculty members teaching students.

Each faculty member is labelled by their degree, “D.C.”, “D.O.” and “M.D.”. Palmer School of Chiropractic was very proud of its diverse teaching staff and this framed collection of images shows us a snapshot of what the classroom and the campus looked like in its beginnings.

Come visit us to see our newly acquired materials or contact us if you are interested in making your own donation. We are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Special Services is located in L103, on the 1st floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library.

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A tour through the P.S.C


History of Chiropractic and Polio


Chiropractors had a huge impact on treatment and preventative care for people affected with poliomyelitis in the forties and fifties, and continue to help those with post-polio syndrome as well. Come and check out the display on the bulletin board in the stairwell near the 2nd floor library with resources from both Special Services and the 3rd floor library.

Special Services are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Special Services is located in L103, on the 1st floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library.

The 3rd floor library is open M-Th 7:00am-12:00am, F 7:00am-5:00pm, S 8:30am-5:00pm, Su 2:30pm-12:00am.

What Is a Meta-Analysis?

“What is a meta-analysis, and where can I find one?”


Students in the evidence-based chiropractic and clinical practices courses often come to us with this question. You may know that medical studies are part of a hierarchy called the EBM Pyramid. However, meta-analyses are not usually on the pyramid at all. Why not? That’s because “meta-analysis” is a shorter name for what it really is: a systematic review with meta-analysis.

Yes, that’s right—a meta-analysis is not really its own study type but rather a specific type of systematic review that, in addition to reviewing all studies on a topic, also combines and analyzes the statistical data from each study. This can be used to draw overall conclusions, e.g., whether or not a certain type of treatment is effective.

Meta-analyses use a special graph called a forest plot. In a forest plot, lines, squares, and diamonds are used to show confidence intervals and quickly assess effectiveness. Have you ever wondered what all of those lines are in the middle of The Cochrane Library’s* [link:] logo? They show a forest plot, which is fitting, because Cochrane is known for its systematic reviews, many of which contain meta-analyses.

So, when your instructor asks you to find a meta-analysis, they’re actually asking you to find a systematic review with a meta-analysis. For more on study types and evidence-based clinical practice, see our EBCP subject guide.


Lewis S, Clarke M. Forest plots: trying to see the wood and the trees. BMJ : British Medical Journal. 2001; 322(7300):1479-1480.

Ried, K. Interpreting and understanding meta-analysis graphs: a practical guide. Aust Fam Physician. 2006 Aug;  35(8):635-8.

* Access to The Cochrane Library requires a Palmer login.

Fall Reads


Welcome back! To celebrate the new trimester, and America’s most popular season, we put up a new display in the hallway outside the 3rd floor library. We chose books with autumn inspired colors to mimic the changing of the leaves, and there is a handout on the case with a blurb about each book. Make sure to check out the display and good luck this tri!


  1. Little Journeys to the Homes of Great Reformers by Elbert Hubbard
  2. A Manual of the Anatomy of Vertebrated Animals by Thomas Henry Huxley
  3. Woods Medical Hand Atlases: Fractures and Luxations by Heinrich Helferich
  4. Woods Library of Standard Medical Authors: Electro-Therapy by Wilhem Heinrich Erb
  5. Aquarian-Age Healing by John Hurley & Helen Sanders
  6. Palmer Junior College Catalog 1970-1971
  7. Biological Transmutations by C. Louis Kervran
  8. Medical Mussolini by C. Louis Bealle
  9. Zone Therapy by William H. Fitzgerald
  10. A Doctor is Born by Wallace Dalton Chesney
  11. The Law of Suggestion by Santanelli

Special Services are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Special Services is located in L103, on the 1st floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library.

Back to the Future with Chiropractic!

BJ Palmer and DeLorean

In honor of October 21, 2015 being the day that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown went “Back to the Future”, this week’s blog post features happenings from what was going on in the world of Chiropractic, and of Palmer specifically, from 1955, 1985, and 2015!

1955 Cluster 1--1955




  • College President: Jerome Mc Andrews
  • Chiropractic Centennial Foundation was formed in 1985, developed to celebrate 100 years of the birth of cluster 2--1985chiropractic!
  • Palmer Family Residence officially enters the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Nervo-scopes approx. $300-$500



cluster 3--2015



We hope you enjoyed travelling in time with us! What will the chiropractic profession look like in another 30 years…what will you be doing in 2045? Come visit us and travel back in time or to predict the future! We are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Special Services is located in L103, on the 1st floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library.




Haunted Palmer

West Hall GhostBeing that October is just around the corner, I thought it would be appropriate to highlight the haunted spots on campus. These comical photos of the “ghosts” of West Hall were taken October 4, 1993. We’re unsure why they were taken, but West Hall is built on the remains of the Immaculate Conception Academy, a Catholic girl’s school that started in 1859, and lasted until it merged with St. Ambrose and became Assumption High School. West Hall isn’t the only building on campus that is known to be haunted. In fact, a number of campus sites have had reports of strange things happening.

The Pi Kappa Chi fraternity house is one of the most documented haunted places in the Quad cities, and since the 1970’s there have been reports from fraternity brothers saying that doors have opened and closed on their own, hearing footsteps when no one was around, and even a typewriter’s keys moving by themselves. The most frightening reports have been from people who claim to have been woken up at night with the feeling of being choked. In  1972 Brad Steiger, an occult writer, and well-known Chicago psychic, Irene Hughes, visited the frat house and said that because it was built on land that was previously owned by St. Luke’s Hospital, that there was an angry doctor’s spirit haunting the house. Irene claims the doctor was wearing surgical clothes and he was there because he didn’t agree with Chiropractic. It was also once the residence of Dr. William A. Stoecks, so maybe he was the angry doctor she saw.

There are also accounts of paranormal activity told about Vickie Anne Palmer Hall (formerly Lyceum Hall) and the Memorial Building. It is said that previous security staff had reported mysterious moving objects they saw on camera and in person.

Have you ever witnessed anything strange on campus? We’ll have a spot to hang your stories as part of the Halloween display organized by Special Services that will be up on the 3rd floor of the library starting early October, come and share your paranormal accounts with us!


New library, new hours, and a new era begins for the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library – Florida!

Library1Opening and welcoming guests to a wonderfully festive open house in early September, the newly renovated library on the Florida Campus has been receiving rave reviews!

The seven new study rooms, with integrated whiteboards and monitors have been especially popular, as has the new “information commons” area just outside of the main library, complete with lounge area, computers and printers.

The Florida Campus Student Council has given the new library a fabulous review and has reported that the library “looks amazing” and “will go a long way to ensure students will have the time and access to the new library and its resources.”


The library’s David D. Palmer theme, vibrant colors and intelligent use of shared study spaces have all contributed to making the new library a popular focal point on the Florida Campus…now available and open seven days a week!





Founder’s Day – September 18

DDFoundersdayThe first chiropractic adjustment by D.D. Palmer is recognized as September 18, 1895, and it was performed on the first chiropractic patient, Harvey Lillard. We will have articles and circulating items that will be inside the 3rd floor library as well as a display set up right outside the 3rd floor library with items from the archives like one of D.D.’s daybooks, photos of past Founder’s Day celebrations, and other interesting items worth checking out.


These and many other resources about the history of chiropractic can be found and viewed in the Special Collections and Archives of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library. Come check it out!

Stop by the Library and enjoy our exhibit on the 3rd floor. FoundersDay

B.J.’s Birthday! Monday, September 14, 2015

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01On September 14th, B.J. Palmer would have celebrated his 133rd birthday, and who best should celebrate this event other than the Special Services at David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library? Our celebration will highlight his legacy with a window display on the first floor, treats and a table with circulating items related to BJ on the third floor. Additionally, we will have fun facts posted around on each level. One such fact being that B.J. was expelled from Davenport High School when he was 14 years old for releasing three rats into the school with two of his friends! Join us and celebrate one of our founder’s birthdays and learn more about BJ.

Our next celebration is David’s birthday, coming up in January. So, keep an eye out!

Come visit us and check out the display or to learn more about our resources. We are open Monday-Friday, 8:30am-5:00pm. Special Services is located in L103, on the 1st floor of the David D. Palmer Health Sciences Library.


New Resources for Digital Networking

TaoOfTwitterThinking about what you’ll be doing after graduation? No matter where your career is headed, you’ll probably be using online tools to get there. Here are three new books to help you navigate social networks and use popular platforms to your advantage!

  • The Tao of Twitter: Changing Your Life and Business 140 Characters at a Time by Mark Schaefer (McGraw-Hill Education, 2014). This book explains how to successfully market yourself on Twitter. It covers how to use the app as well as how to provide meaningful content that will build a community of followers and maintain strong connections.
  • Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn for Business by Ted Prodromou (Entrepreneur Press, 2014). Many of us have signed up for LinkedIn, but how does it really work? This book covers how to use LinkedIn as a rich resource for job searching, recruiting, marketing, and advertising. There are also tips on etiquette–very important for this most professional of platforms!
  • The Essential Digital Interview Handbook by Paul J. Bailo (Career Press, 2014). More and more people are using Skype, Google Hangouts, and other live video apps for professional interviews. This book addresses the hazards of interviewing from home as well as great ideas for looking and sounding your best.

Check out these books and other career resources in our Business Resources Collection