First Exam of 3rd Trimester!

Even though we are already about a month into the trimester, we had our first exam. I always think it’s funny how for the first month there is nothing really going on at school, so you don’t really feel any pressure to study or be productive. And then all of a sudden in one week you have an exam in every class you have.

Being in 3rd trimester now, though, I have learned my lesson. I have fallen into a groove where I feel like I am ahead of the game. I kept on top of my studying so I am more ready for the bombardment of exams I have in the upcoming weeks than I would have been previously.  Also I have two weddings over the next two weekends, so I was forced to do some studying ahead of time–because I know I won’t be able to utilize the weekends I am gone to get as much studying done as I would if I was here at home all day.

The first test went well! It was in pathology and I really enjoyed how our professor (Dr. Roeker) did an overview of the notes on YouTube so I could sit at home and listen to him explaining things that maybe I missed in class. I found it really helpful to have a complete overview of all the material on the exam in a few hours instead of how it is in class over the weeks prior.

It makes me think about recording the lectures and listening to them at home that night or on the weekend and going over the notes with the lecture so I have them in front of me and the teachers explanations there to listen to as well.

Do you record lectures? I would love some feedback on it if you do!

Cheers, eh


2 thoughts on “First Exam of 3rd Trimester!

  1. Kailey, In response to your latest post on your 3rd Trimesters Final Exams: I haven’t ever recorded my professors in class however my A & P Teacher in undergrad recorded her lectures to put onto blackboard for the class to listen to at their own leisure. I found it helpful because there was always a second chance to hear an explanation through her perspective a second time. This was also convenient because she based a lot of exam questions in her own words, sometimes making it seem like answers to questions were almost re-citable. Her Recordings made it easier for me to take a second round of notes if I felt I needed them. Or I would just throw them on and listen to them through headphones and just relaxed before going to sleep. Personally I would/will Likely by my own recorder when I attend palmer just to have if I feel I may be falling behind in my understanding.

  2. Kailey,

    I began PCC in 1990. I recorded most of my classes, took notes and listened to the more difficult classes again that same day and rewrote my notes. I especially cherish my recordings of Dr. Virgil Strang in all the Philosophy classes through the years.

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