The pretest

popquizmemeThe other day in our Life Science review class, we had a pretest. This is a test that took somewhere between 5 and 30 questions from each major topic we have covered over the past year and quizzed us to see how well we remember everything. It wasn’t for points and was meant to be a guide as to where we may need to review more and spend our time studying.

It was a bit of a shock getting an exam on the first day of classes when typically we review the syllabus, but in all honesty, for the purpose of the class, I thought it was a fantastic idea. If anything, it was an eye-opener and maybe a small kick in the pants to remind us of what is coming and that we will actually need to review. But, on the other hand, it also showed me how much I know and have learned over this past year!

Although it was tough–and I can’t say I feel very confident that I got many correct–at least the terminology and concepts were familiar to me, and I felt like I could make an educated guess, or that I could narrow down the selections and go from there and make relationships between things.

It gives me hope in that many things, although they are not in the forefront of my memory just now, with some review will come back quickly and I will be just fine!

Hoping for good results.



4th trimester begins

Well, I can officially celebrate the fact that I have completed my first year at Palmer! Just like everyone warned, it flew by. All the exams and quizzes long days in class sure make the time go by, and before you know it, a year has flown by!

Something to look forward to this trimester is toggle class, where we will get the opportunity to log our first adjustment!

Another thing happening in 4th trimester is a lot of preparation for Part I boards. Our class will take them in March at the very beginning of 5th trimester, so 4th trimester will have the Palmer board review class and a lot of reviewing in preparation for those!

The schedule is long this trimester, with a class that lasts two hours (Pathology 2) and the board review class that takes our long days even longer in class until about 5 p.m. two nights a week. I am going to have to find some really good snacks to pack to keep me awake the whole time and give me some energy after a super long day at school.

This is going to be hard on my pooch being home from 8 to 5 at least all the time during the week, so I think I’ll be looking into some doggy day care once or twice a week to make sure he can get some play time. Getting home that late in the winter means it’s going to be dark already. It’s a little sad getting up when it’s dark and then sitting in class all day, and finally leaving only for it to just be dark again. But at least it might make me want to stay inside and study more! :)

One year done and looking forward to year two, the transition year from class to clinic, full of technique and getting into the fun stuff!

Cheers eh!


Find My iPhone app

If you have not downloaded this app yet, let me tell you why you should!

The other day I was taking my pooch, Sota, for a nice long bike ride in the evening. I was wearing a jacket as the weather is getting a little cooler, and in my jacket pocket I put my keys and my phone and off we went. Sota is an amazing dog, and I couldn’t ask for him to be any more well-behaved than he is for how much he has to be cooped up all day long. So I try to treat him with long walks/runs or bike rides at least once a day, maybe in the morning or at night when it isn’t too hot for him.

Anyways, so we are biking around the residential areas where I live to avoid the heavy traffic of the main roads, and we are gone for about an hour. Then we get home and I had gotten him an new toy, and I was all excited to give it to him. So I was looking for my phone so I could take a video and send it to my fiancé who is in Germany and always wants to see how our furbaby is doing.

Phone is nowhere to be found. But luckily I have the Find My iPhone app. (I will admit I have a tendency to lose my phone, and this is not the first time I have needed to use it.) So I open the app, and up pops the little map telling me where all my devices are. And low and behold, there is my iPhone, about 12 blocks away from my house in some random neighborhood. But it is on and working, so there is hope!

My roommate and I go out on the hunt, and we are following directions off her phone to the little green dot which is my phone … lost. As we are getting closer to the dot, I realize someone must have picked it up because I did not bike anywhere in this area at all.

I used the app to turn my phone on to lost mode (which locks it and displays a customized message that I put in–telling it to call my roommate’s phone if lost and also will make the phone play a sound to help you find it). Shortly, after me setting it into lost mode, we get a call from the very nice people who found my phone and they graciously returned it.

I am definitely lucky the people who found it were nice enough to return it, and not the kind of people who would have just stolen it and tried to sell it. But, never the less, this app definitely helped me find my phone (especially if it had not been picked up and was just laying in the grass at a random park or something).

So there is my story and why I would recommend downloading the app. It has saved me on more the one occasion!

Cheers, Eh!


What’s the first trimester schedule like at Palmer?

So I was thinking back to one of the tours I gave a couple weeks ago, and I remembered one of the prospective students asking me what the typical first trimester schedule is like here at Palmer.

I was thinking back to how much of an adjustment this schedule was for me, coming from my senior year in undergrad, having only one class at noon and an internship in my last semester to having full days that require me to get up at 6 a.m.

A typical first trimester class has about 100 students in it, depending on the start date of the trimester, some trimesters tend to have smaller groups of around 70 and others have larger groups of around 110. The first class of the day started at 7:30 and the last class ended around 3:00. In between each class there is a 5 minute break, and you typically get a lunch break for 50 minutes around 12 or 1:00.

They are nice to you in the first trimester, keeping a number of classes in a row in the same classroom so you don’t have to worry too much about getting lost trying to find your classrooms. And when you do switch classrooms, you are all going to the same place together because everyone in your class has all the same classes together all day long. So there is usually someone who has figured it out, and everyone else follows them.

On top of the 7 a.m. – 3 p.m. schedule, there will be a few days when you’ll have a lab in the evening or on Friday afternoon (because usually on Friday you only have a half day with classes in the morning) the labs are one or two hours.

And that’s a typical first trimester day! The trimester lasts 4 months and it flies by and before you know it you will be up into second trimester!



Rugby Day!

Consider what a long way you've come today.(written last Saturday) Saturday is a rugby day! The first regular season game for the fall season, and we opened up against one of our toughest opponents, Wisconsin. This team has some really good players who know rugby and have been playing for quite some time. We played them in the spring season, and it was a pretty one-sided game for them. Even though we lost again today, if you were to watch the game from the spring season and compare it to the game today, you would be extremely impressed with how far our team has come!

We improved a lot, and this game was a test as to where we sit skill-wise. I was really proud of the way our team went into this game with a fierce attitude, and we didn’t back down from anything. Everyone stuck together as a team, supporting each other and communicating well, and our strategy and ball handling skills have gotten a lot better!

Progress is always something that makes you feel good! You work hard towards things, and sometimes you forget to look back and give yourself credit for just how far you have come because you are wrapped up in the present. A friend of mine, who is currently studying for National Boards, made a comment about how even though studying for Boards is brutal, it’s really cool to see how much you have actually learned in the short amount of time you have been in the program.

It really is flying by, and we are learning so many things that sometimes I wonder how on earth all that information is staying up there. But then I remember Dr. Freedman’s Neurophysiology 3 class and learning about memory, and I answer my own questions. Feels good to have the answers sometimes!

Cheers to full brains and continued progress on the field and in the classroom!



Rugby pre-game bonding

(Written last Friday)

Tonight my girls’ rugby team is getting together for a little pre-game meal action! We are going to have pasta and salad and all that good food then do some team bonding as well as talk a little bit about strategy for our first regular season game tomorrow!

I have been on a team in one sport or another for most of my life, and the pre-game meal seems to have been a tradition for as long as I can remember. When I was playing hockey in my undergrad (we were a little spoiled), we had pre- and post-game meals together every weekend. I feel like these times are some of the things I remember the most. Bonding with those girls made memories that will last a lifetime. These things were the reason we created friendships, and I think a key component to any team’s success, because you build trust and understanding between players that can be carried over to the game.

When you are in battle alongside your teammates in a game, you want to know the people next to you and trust they are going to have your back and do their part just as they are expecting the same from you. Practice makes perfect, and good players can win games but even some of the most skilled teams out there will fall if they can’t bring everyone together.

This concept can relate to so many other things in life, too! Even chiropractic. The doctor-patient role is a team. You need to build that relationship and have trust in order for it to be successful.

Cheers to all the teams out there, eh!




Extra Credit

Extra credit cat

Extra credit cat

I love extra credit points! You know when your professors surprise you when you least expect it with that little extra credit quiz. It really just brings up my mood when I know I was there for the class and am going to earn a couple extra points that might make up for something I missed on a previous exam or assignment that I was kicking myself for.

Some professors ask a few questions using the clickers, or some ask you to hand in something on a notecard. The question is usually something related to what we did in class that day, so if you were paying attention at all, you are usually going to get the points!

Sometimes our lives just get so busy for whatever reason, and we just find ourselves unprepared for an upcoming quiz, exam or assignment. And when we do poorly on things like this, it’s easy to get down on ourselves and think back to all the times we could have put in a little more study time or a little more effort to focus and pay attention in class. After each time this happens, we swear we will change and do better next time, which is good. It’s good sometimes to do something wrong, if only to learn how we can improve for the future.

But that being said it still is nice to get a little boost as a thank-you for attending class and trying to better yourself for the next thing. It takes a little bit of the stress off by getting those extra credit points, after all it could be the difference between a B or and A or even a pass or a fail!

Cheers to extra credit points!


Financially Fit

At Palmer there is a program called Financially Fit, and it helps students to manage their budgets and stay within their limits while going to school on a student loan. The way the program works is that you attend some of their sessions, in which they talk about things related to finances and education, and taking part in their Financially Fit bonus programs you can earn points, the more points you earn the better because you name gets entered into a drawing each trimester in which you can win a scholarship ranging between $1,000 and a half a tuition’s worth for the trimester!

This week there are chances to win points if you find Fin Fit Cash around the school, and I am happy to say that today I spotted my first Fin Fit bills!

Being a grad student living pretty much completely off loans is a hard thing to do. I always feel like money is on my mind, and I am wondering how on earth I am going to get through school and even more how am I going to begin to start paying back all of this debt. It definitely is an added stressor, and having programs like Financially Fit really can help, not only by educating you on how to manage the debt, but also by providing opportunities to reduce the debt by receiving an award.

I will have my eyes peeled for the rest of the week for more Fin Fit cash, so keep your eyes peeled, too!

Cheers, eh!


Scrum Caps and Shoulder Pads

At rugby practice tonight, we all received our new and mandatory safety gear. The first item was a scrum cap, which is a sort of padded helmet that helps protect your ears and head from the constant contact there is in rugby. The second item was a set of shoulder pads, which probably aren’t what you’re thinking but are small foam pads build into the shoulder and neck area of a kind of spandex shirt, it fits tight and offers some impact protection to the area of our bodies we primarily use to hit others in the game.

Coach has made these things mandatory at all practices and optional at games but highly recommended. I am glad to have something to wear that I feel will help protect me a little bit. I personally think that this will offer me some kind of mental boost as I feel a little more confident going into contact with the other team because I am slightly more protected (at least more than I would be wearing no gear at all).

They do make us look pretty funny, and they feel a little weird at first. But as with all equipment in my experience, it just needs to be worn and broken in, and then you won’t even notice it there anymore. I actually used to wear my new hockey skates around the house with wet socks for a few hours to try to help break them in. Then they invented a skate oven that would heat up your skates and help mold them better to your feet so they were a little more custom.

Either way, I think our team will look a little more intimidating and come out with a more focused attitude for our first regular season game coming up this weekend against a very strong opponent, Wisconsin!

Cheers, Eh


Labour Day

So summer has come and gone, and I have to say looking back it didn’t feel much like summer. This was my first summer having to sit through classes on sunny days, living vicariously through my friends who are now graduated or get a full four-month summer because they are still in school. It honestly flew by. As soon as I felt like I was getting back in the groove and ready to start putting my full attention back on school, I realized here we are at September 1st with only one month left to go!

It was nice to have this Monday off, I’m sure most people took advantage of the long weekend by heading home to see family and friends if they lived close enough or having some local adventure. But August was a crazy month for me (with two weddings on back-to-back weekends and an unexpected trip home for a death in the family). So I was very appreciative to just have an extra day to look at the month I have ahead of me, and see where I need to focus my attention for school and make a plan to tackle everything coming up.

This was also my first summer in the Midwest, and I have to say I am a little excited for fall. This humidity was something I was really not used to, and, as I mentioned before, I was traveling home a lot for weddings and such in August. And every time I came back to the Quad Cities, as soon as I would step off the plane, I was always shocked by how humid and hot it really gets here. I did enjoy some of the warm weather, but being in school during the summer just doesn’t let you take full advantage of all the spare time summer usually offers for hanging out around a lake or a pool and having barbeques and bonfires with your friends.

It wasn’t all that bad though, and, like I said, it really flew by. That is something I am thankful for because that means I am just that much closer to becoming a doctor!

Cheers Eh!


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