Headed home

It's true, there's no place like home.

It’s true, there’s no place like home.

So I unexpectedly headed home to Canada for the break. On these short breaks that are only about a week, I don’t usually try to get home because the idea of traveling and having to meet with everyone at home and flying seem too stressful. Usually all I want to do is just get outside and get fresh air with my pooch or lay on the couch and watch Netflix. But this break, since I hadn’t been home for a pretty long time, my parent’s both really wanted me to come home. So it was last minute, and we were booking flights and organizing to get me home.

I knew I would have to be disciplined and use a lot of the day to study and not get too caught up in meeting with friends and relaxing because I needed to review for Boards. But I was excited to see my family, and knew I’d get a chance to watch my brother play some hockey, do some wedding planning and pick up some new contacts. So I figured it would be a great break, but it would go by too fast.

Every time I go home I feel like I have to plan to get all my chores done, see the doctor and the dentist, go to the bank, pick up more contacts and visit with friends. But these things definitely needed to get done. They’re hard to do over the phone or when I am living out of the country.

I hope everyone had a great break and that some of you got some much needed family time like I did.



40 percent a doctor!

I'm almost half-way there!

I’m almost half-way there!

Well, everyone, I made it this far! I successfully completed my fourth trimester at Palmer, and can say I am 40 percent of the way done. Saying it this way really puts into perspective how fast the time has gone. With National Boards testing right around the corner at the beginning of 5th trimester, I am really looking back and realizing just how much I have learned in such a short amount of time here.

I am looking forward to moving into 5th trimester where we will have cervical technique class and will get to start learning more about technique and putting everything we have learned over the past year here together. All the small details and facts that we have learned are finally coming together to form pathologies and patient complaints and things we can use to actually solve the puzzle.

I have heard 5th trimester is a lot of people’s favorite trimester because of that mental switch that begins–going from cramming in information to applying it and using it.

The only thing to dread is Part I Boards. But that’s unavoidable, and I will be using each day of my break to study for it and review everything we have learned over the past year. So I’m ready!

Congrats to everyone completing another trimester! One more down, one more step to being doctors!




Davenport graduation

Sad and glad during graduation day

This is a special time of the trimester. It’s always a little bittersweet because we are saying goodbye to so many great friends that we have made family over the past three years. But we are also celebrating such huge accomplishments for each student and the communities in which they are going to go out and contribute to.

This graduation hit close to home for me, as some of my very best friends here were walking across that stage. I am so proud of them, and I can’t wait to see where their lives will take them because I know each one of them is going to be a fantastic doctor and they will all help so many people. But I am going to miss each of them dearly. I know we will still talk, and I am going to have to call them breaking down a few times with anxiety attacks for Boards coming up or from looking at my bank statements. But the best part is that we made lasting friendships that will stay with us no matter how far apart we are, and we can always reach out to each other.

One of my favorite things about Palmer is definitely the family atmosphere we have here and that everyone is willing to help each other out. There is opportunity to meet people who will change your life and stay in it forever after our time here.

Congrats to all of Class 151. You guys have a great class and you will be missed a lot around the halls of Palmer. But get out there and heal somebody!

Love you all.


Campus Guides Banquet

Palmer Campus Guide Banquet, winter 2015

Palmer Campus Guide Banquet, winter 2015

It is that time of year again where we’re getting to the end of the trimester and the Campus Guides are preparing to say goodbye to some great friends and fellow Guides and welcome in the new ones.

Each trimester students who are interested go through an application process if they are interested in becoming a Campus Guide. If they’re selected, they go through a training program where they learn how to walk the walk and talk the talk. They spend late nights at the school and long hours learning all about Palmer’s history and the ins and outs of the school so they can share their knowledge with those who visit us. And when they have finally completed their training, we all get together to celebrate and share some good stories about the training and the newcomers to our group!

This year we had some awesome speakers with Dr. Alana Callender and Julie Knaak, who work in the Palmer Family Residence (known to most alumni as the Palmer Mansion), and they shared with us some great songs about chiropractic, including songs about Palmer! We had a great time and lots of laughs listening to the old tunes and dancing in our seats!

We also had the pleasure of getting some “words of wisdom” from Dr. Michelle Barber, which was full of random and funny things to help us get through life!

We don’t get together as a group to hang out as much as we should due to our busy schedules, but I thoroughly enjoy spending time and sharing a meal with such great people! I love my fellow Guides, and I’m so happy I got involved in such an awesome organization! It has really helped me to get a better grasp on the history of chiropractic and an understanding of where this profession has come from and why there is so much SPIZZ and so much excitement about where it is going. On top of that, it has helped me to be able to share this with other students and visitors on campus while I polish my philosophy and delivery when speaking to a group.

I even won myself an award this trimester–the “Above and Beyond” award for my efforts towards the group! It really isn’t hard to put time into something you truly enjoy doing, but, nonetheless, I am honored to be recognized!



Snowpocalypse 2015

Check out the crazy snow!

Check out the crazy snow!

Well, winter finally decided to show up in Davenport at the beginning of February! We got about two feet of snow overnight, which earned us a snow day! The trimester is winding down, and I think most people were happy to have a day to take it easy especially with finals looming and an even bigger storm (Boards) growing in the background.

Most of my snow day was spent shoveling and getting chores done that I don’t typically have time to do during the week because we are in school most of the working hours of the day.

My dog, Sota, really appreciates the snow. He enjoys it so much, it’s hard for me not to enjoy it. When we go out for walks and he is just smiling away jumping through the huge piles of snow, digging under them and running around beside himself with happiness, it’s hard not to smile and roll around in the snow with him. He definitely helps lift the stress a little and let me wind down from long days at school.

If it weren’t for all of the shoveling (which I substituted for my workout today), I would have to say that the snow does make the QC look pretty nice.

Stay warm out there everyone!



My Favorite Trimester

Snow angel

Snow angel

I have to say that the winter trimester is my favorite one. This is the trimester I started in, and I think it is the best one to start in because of the winter recess for Christmas.

Not only is everyone in such a good mood because of the holidays coming up, but having a break right in the middle of the trimester allows you to catch up if you were feeling behind and unprepared. Our program is pretty intense, so having the break will allow you to spend some time catching up or even getting organized and ahead for the exams and things coming up right after the break.

Then if you took some time over the break to catch up and prepare for that stuff, finals is only about a month away and you are a little more prepared for the because you took the time to study properly instead of cramming for everything.

This Christmas break I will be spending a lot of time going over things for National Boards. I have Boards in March, so this break comes at a great time for me to be able to go back and study older material without having to be in class and studying for new material at the same time.

Then again, I will be in Sweden visiting my fiancé for the holidays, so it’s probably going to be pretty hard to study!


Art with Alfie

Art with Alfie

Check out our painting and some of the others!

So we held another class fundraiser called “Art with Alfie.” A student in my class, Alfie, was an art major for his undergrad, and he has done some classes for fun with his wife that he thought would be fun for us to do with people who would be interested in our class.

He took a picture and blurred it out so much you couldn’t tell what it was at all, other than just a few color streaks here and there. So he split our teams of two up into person A and person B, and one person would get a turn to try to make a small part of our canvas look like the picture we had as a reference. Then the next person would get a turn to work on another area. Then we would go back and forth this way for a while until most of the canvas was covered with some kind of color.

Then he told us to flip our canvas counter-clockwise 90 degrees and start adding other colors and shapes into our pieces. It was really cool to learn how to mix the colors and to add light areas and dark areas to make the photo seem more three dimensional and then blend the colors to take away harsh edges.

We would get up and walk around and look at the other couples’ art work and look at our own from afar to get a different perspective of each part of the painting. You would notice the difference between another couples art and your own, and it was crazy how different they could all be even when we were all getting the same instructions and trying to create the same things.

In the end, he let us add what we wanted to it and play around with the colors and make it into our own painting, which was really cool. Then, after it was all said and done, he showed us the original painting that he had blurred out for the basis of our own painting, and it was nothing like what any of us had painted!

The original artwork was a photo of a Santa holding some puppies or kittens. And our artwork was just a bunch of abstract swirls of color, but it was amazing how we came to it and how different each person’s was. You could really see each couples’ personalities come out into the art!

Looking forward to doing that one again!



active release technique

Photo from Shepard Pain and Performance Care (http://www.bnchiro.com/)

So I started practicing for my A.R.T. (Active Release Techniques) seminar coming up in December. We have a huge book with a ton of protocols and an exam that we have to learn before we go to the seminar so that we will have some kind of base knowledge and know how to work with. There are just over 100 protocols for the upper extremity, so it is a lot of material to cover!

They have sent me a very large textbook along with a DVD that is an instructional video on how to do each protocol. So my roommates have been nice enough to volunteer their arms and shoulders and necks to allow me to practice on them! Essentially I will read over a protocol out of my textbook that covers which muscles I am working on, how to contact and where to contact the muscle and then what motion to put my patient through to get the correct tension and effectiveness. Then I will watch the video that shows how to do it and then practice it on my patient a few times on either side.

So far I have made it through half of the protocols, and I am starting to catch on to the trend of how A.R.T. works and how much pressure to use and how to move my patients through a motion while I apply pressure to the muscle or its attachment, etc.

I am finding this to be a big review of gross anatomy, which is great! Only two more weeks until the seminar, and I have a lot more protocols to go through before I’m ready, but nonetheless I am really excited to be getting certified in it! A.R.T was a big reason I became interested in chiropractic in the first place, so I am excited to finally be getting to learn how to do something that had sparked my interest in this career and got me to where I am today–here at Palmer!


Fall Festival

Pie a Palmer Professor

Pie a Palmer Professor

My position on Student Council is the second vice president. Some duties that I have for being the second vice president are to plan events for the student body at Palmer!

The event we hold for the fall trimester is called Fall Festival. Each year we plan this event in which we celebrate fall and Thanksgiving! We hold these events to bring the students together to foster the close-knit family relationships we have here at Palmer and also to help raise money to donate to our local community.

Fall Festival usually includes a couple of things. First the Chili Cook-off. This is where we have students enter in their best chili recipes, and we have faculty members judge the competition and choose their favorites in each category. Winners from each category and a best overall are awarded!

Also at the festival we have a pie-a-professor activity. Students purchase whipped cream pies to toss at professors who have volunteered to partake in the activity. All the money from the pie-a-professor event is donated to a local charity. This year we raised more than $700 to donate to United Neighbors. This is an organization that runs after school programs for kids to help keep them out of trouble, help them with their homework and offer some fun for those kids whose parents have to work and can’t pick them up right away after school is done.

I love helping plan these events for our students. It is so fun to be able to plan things and see students come out and get to socialize and have fun at school doing something that isn’t schoolwork, studying or taking exams.

It is so rewarding to know I helped plan an event in which we raised enough money to make an impact on our surrounding community members!

Our next event, next trimester will be the faculty appreciation brunch, so I am looking forward to planning that and I will keep you posted on the details next tri!


Portable table!

My new portable table!

My new portable table!

I finally bought a portable table, and after a ton of hassles, I finally picked it up today. If choosing a table wasn’t hard enough, dealing with the delivery process was even more frustrating!

I was so excited to get my table, and when the day came and went when it was supposed to be delivered, I was pretty sad it was going to be late. But then when it was four days after the delivery date and I still hadn’t heard anything, I finally called to get the tracking number for it.

When I got a hold of someone at the place where I bought it from, they notified me that the delivery company had tried to deliver it to me four times already and if I didn’t answer to sign for it, they would send it back to where it came from. I was a little upset because there had been no door tag left that would let me know they had tried to deliver it and I really wanted to get the table, so I was nervous they would send it back and I would have to wait even longer!

In the end I got a hold of the delivery place and told them to hold it for me there so I could pick it up. I didn’t want to risk trying to plan for them to deliver it, and I wouldn’t be home again to get it.

So I picked it up and set it up at home!

I ordered my table from Astralite. It was a hard choice trying to choose between getting all the bells and whistles and everything a portable table can have on it or going with the simple route. In the end I decided with simple and hassle free. I chose this table because I want to practice A.R.T., and some students I spoke with in upper trimesters who are doing A.R.T. said it would be nice to have a table with adjustable height, and this table has that! It it super light, so when I fly home it won’t be hard to check as baggage, and I can manage bringing it around and setting it up quick when I go to seminars!

I can’t wait to use it for my upcoming seminars and at home!


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