A well-deserved and much appreciated break

Although I love going to class and learning several new things on a daily basis, I am always excited to enjoy a weekend away. I genuinely feel that it is important to maintain a life with family and friends outside of Palmer. Palmer is great about scheduling short breaks throughout the trimester by acknowledging important days and holidays with a day off from class.

After a busy week of testing, the Labor Day holiday was great for de-stressing.  My family and I planned a trip up to Okoboji Lake in northern Iowa for boating, swimming, kayaking and good food.

Though my pre-Labor Day week felt test-heavy, Palmer’s professors typically are great about spreading out our exams and being courteous of other scheduled exams.  Rarely do you have more than one to two exams in a day. As long as you stay on top of the material as opposed to cramming, it’s not bad.  After the first trimester, I got into a good schedule of keeping up with the material and then putting a strong focus on specific test three to four days before the exam.  This has allowed me to be successful when taking exams without getting test anxiety from cramming.

Jennifer Katzer
4th trimester student, Davenport Campus

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