Are there Flexible Employment Opportunities with a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree?

There’s a reason the chiropractic profession has seen above-average growth rate even in a tepid economy. Flexible Employment

With a projected 17 percent employment increase in the decade leading up to 2024, the field of chiropractic care offers many benefits to practitioners. Not only do chiropractors enjoy a comfortable salary and more job satisfaction than many other professions, but they also benefit from a highly flexible career path that offers a wide range of employment opportunities.

With the ability to work in a variety of settings and explore different specializations, a chiropractor can build a career that’s both individually fulfilling and outwardly beneficial to society. Here’s a look at just a few of the job possibilities available to chiropractic doctors:

Private practice. A doctor of chiropractic degree allows you to start your own practice anywhere in the United States. As a self-employed health-care provider, you can set your own hours and choose which areas of chiropractic care you want to focus on. If that’s not flexible, we don’t know what is. Chiropractors in private practice enjoy a level of freedom most people only dream about.

Hospitals and HMOs. As an alternative to private practice, you can work as part of a health-care team dedicated to providing integrated care to patients with a variety of ailments and backgrounds. Hospitals and health maintenance organizations regularly hire chiropractic doctors to help improve health outcomes through specialty care, and many accomplished chiropractors have followed this career path to become hospital administrators.

Group practice. Partnering with a group of practitioners who offer similar, related or complementary services allows chiropractors to provide integrated care without the restrictions of a hospital setting. It’s a great way to retain the freedom of a private practice while still functioning as part of a team.

Sports team. Chiropractors with a background or interest in athletics often choose to specialize in sports chiropractic. The demand for chiropractic care among athletes has skyrocketed, opening up a world of opportunities for helping professional sports teams, Olympic athletes and other physical competitors recover from injuries and reach their peak performance levels.

Fitness facility. Gyms and fitness centers represent another area of opportunity for chiropractors. Being part of a fitness facility staff allows you to help members achieve their fitness goals by supporting their efforts through chiropractic care.

Chiropractic research. It’s an exciting time to get involved in chiropractic research. By focusing your career on research, you can help contribute to a growing body of knowledge about the benefits of chiropractic care for a wide range of problems.

Education. Many accomplished chiropractors choose to return to the classroom to share their expertise with students who are pursuing a chiropractic degree. Teaching a new generation of chiropractors is often equally rewarding as caring for patients.

These are just a few of the career doors a doctor of chiropractic degree can open. The best part is, there’s no need to commit to just one. Many chiropractors wear different hats throughout their careers, which makes chiropractic one of the most flexible professions available.

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